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Andrew Scheer, M.P. Disgusted with CBC

CBC broadcasts offensive show; insults millions of Canadians

OTTAWA -Andrew Scheer, M.P. for Regina Qu’Appelle, is disgusted that the CBC would air a show so blatantly offensive to the millions of Catholics in Canada.

The show entitled The Altar Boy Gang included scenes where Catholic alter boys were depicted using communion wafers as snacks, and poker chips as well as a tool for taking LSD.

“To depict the communion host, something so sacred, in this fashion is an extreme act of sacrilege. I find it a disgrace that taxpayer’s money was used to produce this type of programming and I am shocked that our public broadcaster would air such an offensive show on public airways. I find it completely hypocritical that the CBC refused to show cartoons on air that were offensive to Muslims, but will allow a program to air that is highly offensive to the largest religious denomination in Canada.” said Scheer.

Scheer went on to say: “I will be sending a letter to the President of the CBC expressing my outrage on behalf of all the viewers who were offended by this disgusting show. I will also be urging my colleagues from all parties to summon CBC officials to the House of Commons Heritage Committee to explain the CBC’s decision to air this offensive episode.”


The CBC just keeps making friends all over the place. Gives us even more excuses to completely fumigate that parasitic “news” organization.

They suck up our money and give us nothing in return except for blasphemies.

No wonder the Left is so hard up to keep it publicly funded. They would never survive if they actually had to pay their way. How typical.

This Christmas send Andrew some steel-toed boots.

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