Meriam Ibrahim is set free

Praise be to God! Now let’s pray she doesn’t get killed by a lynch mob.

A Christian woman on death row in a Sudanese prison has been released on the orders of a court in Khartoum after her case became the focus of an international campaign.

Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery and to be hanged for apostasy after refusing to renounce her faith last month.

The Sudanese state news agency Suna said: “The appeal court ordered the release of [Ibrahim] and the cancellation of the [earlier] court ruling.” (Source)

2 thoughts on “Meriam Ibrahim is set free

  1. Meriam Ibrahim, and Christians persecuted by “tyrannical worldviews” have been,and will be in the faithful’s prayers until Righteousness Reigns. In Democracies Faithful Prayers lead to united organized Political Action, not Political Apathy and Indifference.The former Christian West in Government, Law and Education was more benevolent than The so-called neutral Secular West,which perverts and mutilates it’s own children,as legalized human rights. True Christians earn the right to be citizens of New Jerusalem , while others are not sure what they ought to think or do in The Secular West. Please continue to pray without ceasing, and the peace of Christ is Himself.

  2. Unfortunately these good news were short-lived – heard this morning she was arrested again. We have to keep praying.

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