Mercedes Don’t Make Memories

So on Saturday, I had some fun with my kids by setting up an obstacle racing course on my driveway.  (The little boy on the right is the next door neighbour).  I thought it would be great to try out those Plasma Cars I see my kids having fun with all the time. You’ll see the pictures of them below. The one on the green one is my daughter Tonya. The one on the red one is my daughter Emma. 

Anyhow, technology has really progressed since I was a kid. Those Plasma Cars are really quite the piece of technology.  Besides their speed, you can do a ninety degree turn without slowing down one little bit — or at least my daughters can <ahem>.  I challenged my 4 year-old Tonya to the first three races of the afternoon and she beat me all three times!  I even gave myself a head-start on the second and third races.  It was so gloriously humiliating.

I had the best time being the referee for the rest of the afternoon. I had a blast and my kids loved it too. 

I look around at the expensive cars and the big houses (and don’t get me wrong, we have a beautiful middle class home — we’re not exactly paupers), but it saddens me why people prefer the flashy cars, the bigger homes, the vacations, and all the toys to having another child. I simply don’t understand it.  And I don’t think I ever will.

They can keep their expensive cars.  I wouldn’t give up the Plasma Car any day of the week.

Plasma Cars make memories. Mercedes don’t.

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