“Men should not be unnecessarily punished for violence” – Women’s Groups

The case of a Calgary woman convicted of killing her boyfriend when he tried to force her to get an abortion has renewed the debate around Canada’s abortion laws days after Parliament voted down a law that would have made it illegal to coerce a woman into ending the life of her child. Melinda Morin, 29, was convicted earlier this month of manslaughter for stabbing her boyfriend, Barry Neil Godwin, 48, to death in their Calgary apartment in November 2009. Morin’s lawyer argued that she killed Mr. Godwin in selfdefense after he kicked her in the stomach because she refused to get an abortion. The court rejected her self-defense argument, ruling that while she was provoked into stabbing Mr. Godwin after he kicked her, she wasn’t in fear for her life. But pro-life groups say the case highlights Canada’s lack of clear legislation around abortion and urged politicians to reconsider a bill that would have outlawed the act of coercing a woman into abortion. The case is “further evidence that in fact in Canada abortion coercion does exist,” said Faye Sonier, legal counsel with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. “As Canadians, this is something we can discuss in light of this case. It’s something worth discussing as we know women are vulnerable when they’re pregnant.” …(Source)

Aren’t pregnant women all over Canada so glad that we have “Women’s Rights” groups and other Feminists fighting to ensure violent male thugs can assert themselves?

Pro-Abort Feminists:  the useful tools of cowardly and violent men.

3 thoughts on ““Men should not be unnecessarily punished for violence” – Women’s Groups

  1. Looking at, Vote No.151 Sitting No.118 Wednesday,December 15,2010, Sponsor Mr. Bruinooge (Winnipeg South), Bill C-510 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (Coercion), on the Federal Government web-site. One sees how our MP’s voted . 97 Yes,275 Nay. Real concerned people will know who to support in politics where our laws are decided by majority vote. In a democracy the citizens are responsible running for office or electing good people. Being a Christian is admirable, but pretending diabolic.

  2. Just goes to show you three things:

    1) Usually women’s rights groups are radical feminists who want men to die or become slaves but will happily “sleep in bed” with pro-choice advocates as killing the rights of a fetus trumps misandry.

    2) That the majority of Canada’s people are either ignorant and selfish in the context of their own lives thta they don’t care about poilitics affecting the whole of society and allow the rest of the population to vote in these immoral selfish politicians, OR

    3) The voters are selfish and elect politicians who are liberals with evil and immorality as their guiding light/small “c” conservatives who are fake Catholics or CINOs so they can get what they want (the “rights” to do whatever they want in terms of morality).

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