Meeting condemned as conference of “dissenters”

Ooooh.  I got some traction in the mainstream Catholic Press about my little Crusade to get the Vatican to ditch the Theologian Kings of Vatican III.

Check out this article written by Deborah Gyapong.

Most of Clifford’s comments are about changing demographics in the Church.    What has that to do with what this conference is really about?  Shifting populations, Catherine?  Good grief. 

Oh but Ms. Clifford did mention this doozy which is sure to get a lot of back slapping laughs among the Faithful Catholics:

Another sign is the growing recognition of the dignity of the human person that is probably even stronger than it was 50 years ago, when the civil rights movement in the United States was gaining momentum, she said.

I’m not too sure what Ms. Clifford’s position is on human sexuality, contraception, or abortion, but this Conference is well represented by major dissenters on these central issues which have a mighty bearing indeed on the dignity of the human person and the Church’s – not the theologian Kings and Queens’ – understanding of it.

Clifford said things these theologians have said have been “taken out of context” and are “not a fair representation of the views of the people they are criticizing.”  “I think they misrepresent the work and damage the reputations of these people,” she said, describing them as “respected theologians and leaders who have given a life of service to the Church and I think in no way are disloyal to the Church and its teaching.”

Baloney.   The Star-studded cast appearing at your conference, Ms. Clifford, has positions which are hardly misrepresented.  They are absolutely notorious.  And critiques of your colleagues are not restricted to internet peasants such as myself, but by bona fide and faithful theologians.   So please, spare us the “misrepresentation” mantra.  It doesn’t work.  We’ve progressed way beyond the ’60s delusions and the Spirit of Vatican II. 

Your side lost.  And its days are numbered.  The perpetual “renewal” that the gerontology generation of Vatican II keeps floating is going to be sunk in 10 years, thanks be to God. 

The biological solution will take care of that.

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