Medjugorje announcement coming soon from Rome.

Details here.

Doesn’t look good.  Guard your hearts and heads from Medjugorje, my dear brothers and sisters.

We should NEVER have a strong devotion to any unapproved apparition site…for the reasons that will become evident when Rome confirms the bishops’ judgements.

When the bishops are actually making legitimate pastoral judgements on something supernatural, we are obligated to obey and submit to their judgements.


If this thing is turned down by Rome, it will turn out to be about a money making machine.  Mark my words.

7 thoughts on “Medjugorje announcement coming soon from Rome.

  1. Here`s a good rule of thumb when it comes to anything Catholic: when you see disobedience, run. Run fast and don’t look back. Faithful Catholics, true visionaries, are obedient.

  2. If one is listening to The Holy Spirit -He Will put in your heart even if it is a small little squeeze at first that something does not appear True and in keeping with Full Truth…Listen to Him.

    I always had that “Spirit Thing, meaning He is saying “,not for you”, when people mentioned this place, yet I tried never to tell others, until Rome decided. It is just that my Mother and Queen of All of Blessed Mother Mary, told me long ago there was no need to go there as She Will, and does give Herself completely to me in all ways when I pray The Rosary and I also spend time in front of the outside statue at St. Monica’s , because it reminds me of Her (the old statue they had there was very simple and I used to pick wild flowers for Her after my Rosary walk and meditation along the beautiful trail there.because it is quiet and beautiful there at times and pray to Her asking Her to reveal Her heart and what I can do to make Jesus-
    Her Son pleased and that would She please help me to be more like Her.

    It is very simple and I need simplicity and space and quiet sometimes, and the statue there is so beautifully surrounded by flowers and three white birch trees , it resonates with what Our Lady is like beauty love in Creation and simplicity. I also do not have money to spend to go there, and She said You do not need to go there to experience Me in my fullest. She appears to us where we are, IF we want Her to. Just as She Will tell us what Her Son’s heart desires IF we want to hear it.

    In Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
    In The Father God, Son Jesus Christ
    and The Holy Ghost…Amen

  3. I can see a lot of people being decimated by a negative ruling from Rome. The sad thing is that most people that love Medjugorje are good, solid Catholics, who never heard about the lies, disobedience and errors that were also occurring. They only heard the good stuff about the importance of the Rosary, the Mass, confession, etc. This will be a shocker to many.

  4. “When one is color blind, then one cannot expect to see color.” Given that the Bishop of Mostar does not believe in any Marian apparition, Lourdes, Fatima or otherwise, what else would one expect from him on Medjugorje? This is why Rome took him out of the picture to investigate and rule on Medjugorje. Now mark my words, what is likely is that the status of the visionaries will remain, neither approved nor disapproved, and Medjugorje will be designated Shrine status for the undeniable fruits occuring there and to open the way to church sponsored pilgrimages. Our current Pope reconciles, he does not divide.

    • I think our current Pope needs prayers. He is under pressure right now from the media and others. I personally hope he does give us a ruling on Medjugorje even if it does divide. But then again, would good Catholics be lost by this judgement, or just the ones who claim to be Catholic? I pray for the Holy Father daily. I think in this time when the Church is being persecuted world-wide, either by word of mouth or by physical persecution, this world has become the devils playground. We are in the “end game” and it appears that evil is winning. I can’t wait to see God victorious, but it seems to me, we need a miracle.

  5. Mark Shea provided no source. Why should we even believe that there is an announcement coming? It seems like a straw man… spreading a rumor about an announcement and then saying the timing of the rumored announcement indicates it’ll be a thumbs down…

    I think we should all wait… I’ve not been there, I’m waiting.

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