Medical pot producers use license as a cover to grow excess plants for the illegal market, police say

You don’t say? Are you shocked that this would ever happen? 

But the problem seems to go beyond the patients simply becoming drug dealers. There’s evidence that the doctors might be in on it. According to one cop:

“We’ve seen some very unusual and high amounts of dried marijuana that’s been prescribed, and there’s just no realistic way that anyone could smoke that much marijuana in one day,” he said. (Source)

Can’t say I’m shocked here either.

Fortunately, it seems that the government has introduced legislation to end the practice of people growing their own dope.

Personally, I think that suffering patients need better support networks and coping skills, not hallucinogenic drugs. It’s tough to have to endure chronic pain and terminal illness, but pot is a lousy pain-killer compared to the good stuff on prescription. It’s the escape that seems to drive users towards pot.

3 thoughts on “Medical pot producers use license as a cover to grow excess plants for the illegal market, police say

  1. I agree. Legalizing marijuana would be a big mistake. That’s all we need, drivers, pilots, etc on pot. Besides, where is the non-smoking lobby on this? They spent decades demonizing smoking as dangerous to health – now the pro-pot crowd want to legalize another kind of cigarette. Talk about hypocrisy!

  2. Funny, can’t seem to find any prohibition against cannabis in the bible. I would suggest you direct your righteous indignation against alcohol which really does have serious, adverse social implications.

  3. John,

    That argument has been debunked a many times.

    First, Christianity is not based solely on the Bible. We have to use our reason too. You won’t find a ban on alcohol in the Bible either, by the way.

    While I agree that alcohol abuse causes many problems, so does the abuse of many other foods like sugar (obesity), red meat (heart disease), some fish (mercury), fried foods (cholesterol). More people die of these problems than of alcohol abuse. Virtually every food becomes toxic in high enough doses. Even drinking too much water can kill you. We certainly can’t ban everything.

    Alcohol is actually safe and even healthy in moderate doses. Jesus Himself provided wine for the guests at the wedding in Cana and used wine to form the Eucharist. So alcohol definitely has much good to it.

    Drugs like pot, on the other hand, have no dosage at which they don’t cause damaging side-effects, much like cigarette smoking. When smoked, the dosage is so high that it leads to the “drunkeness” that is vigorously condemned in scripture, and it compromises a person’s health. This isn’t “recreational” at all. There’s nothing harmless about it.

    Besides, the cops will tell you that pot is the entrance-way to the harder drugs, like cocaine and heroine. That’s why they’re cracking down on this.

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