Media starting to realize they’re losing grip on public opinion

The National Post is worried about new poll results on the Rob Ford controversy. They should be:

Respondents were presented with two options: that the “alleged video showing Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine with drug dealers … exists and is real”; or that it’s “just a hoax and part of a conspiracy by the Mayor’s opponents to discredit him.” Fully 45% chose the hoax/conspiracy option. Meanwhile, 49% said they believed Mr. Ford when he said he “does not smoke crack cocaine”; and 49% agreed, either “strongly” or “somewhat,” that “this is another example of a persistent agenda by the Toronto Star and other media outlets to bring [Mr. Ford] down because they don’t like his agenda.”

I didn’t think I was under any illusions about the low esteem in which many Canadians hold the media. But I find those numbers amazing. They suggest that more people than would even vote for Mr. Ford believe he’s the victim of a bizarre conspiracy. If anything approaching half the population of Toronto believes that two well-respected Toronto Star reporters just made this up, or dialled down their credulity meters to such potentially career-destroying levels that they gave some crude forgery the benefit of the doubt, and that the rest of us just jumped aboard for squeaks and giggles — even the Toronto Sun has demanded Mr. Ford explain himself more fully or go away — well, that’s a pretty huge problem for the media. (Source)

Yep, it’s a big problem for you guys. You blew your credibility. And it won’t be easily restored.

I’ve seen many more videos of alleged UFOs than I have of Rob Ford smoking dope.

By the way, I don’t know why journalists think that cooking up a story about a fake video is a career-limiting move. It would be if the media were honest and objective, but that’s certainly not the case at the Toronto Star. Those journalists are likely to get a promotion for manufacturing such a crisis. It’s mission accomplished for them.

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