Media Sophists Try To Sully Order of Canada Recipient

A B.C. priest who is returning his Order of Canada because the same award was given to Dr. Henry Morgentaler has a controversial past of his own.Father Lucien Larre said Thursday that giving the award to Morgentaler, who fought to expand abortion rights in Canada, “degrades” the honour.”When you’re in the pro-life movement, and someone who is so strong on abortion gets the Order of Canada, it degrades the Order of Canada for all those who believe in the sanctity of human life,” he told CTV Newsnet.Larre was awarded the Order of Canada in 1983 for founding the Bosco Homes for emotionally disturbed and addicted adolescents. He was later convicted of assault and administering a noxious substance, but pardoned for those crimes in 1997.

He said the assault charge stemmed from an incident in 1974, when he slapped a 19-year-old woman trying to have an affair with a 14-year-old boy under his care. The other change came from an incident when he and a nurse told three teenagers to consume various unidentified vitamins, sugar pills and placebos in an effort to teach them about drugs….(Source)

It only goes to show how desperate the media is to sully the reputations of bona fide recipients of the Order of Canada.  Remember folks, this is a country that is about to criminalize spanking and throw parents in jail for it.  It’s not surprising, therefore, that Fr. Larre’s rather old-fashioned methods of corporal punishment of an alleged honest to goodness slut don’t sit well with the illuminati or the media.  If anything, Fr. Larre should have been given the Order of Canada for slapping the woman. She sure deserved it.

It just shows the perverse nature of the Canadian media though. Instead of doing a real documentary on what an abortion is, they close their eyes and wink as over a hundred thousand unborn children are butchered every year, all the while trying to find dirt on a dedicated priest who dares to challenge their sacrament.

I know Father Larre he’s a kind, good natured soul with an amazing sense of humor. He runs Bosco Home for trouble youth. They’re not the usual trouble youth you’d expect. They are the children no one wants. They are the now teenaged kids born with fetal alcohol syndrome or have some other extreme psychological abnormalities, you know, the shove-a- gun-in-your-face kind of kid.Catholics in BC will know him; he makes the parish rounds once each year to raise money for Bosco Home.What’s quite extraordinary about this priest is that he can barely walk. Father Larre had polio as a child and had to teach himself to walk again. He drags his leg, can only stand for short length of time, and is always in pain. You wouldn’t know it though he always has a smile on his face.Daring and sometimes controversial, Father Larre has always been the one to step up to the plate and does the right thing. God bless him. 

There’s got to be a heck of a lot more to that story. Father Larre is severely disabled and has been since he had polio as a little kid. If you met him you’d see for yourself the man can hardly walk. I think he’d be safer and more comfortable in a wheelchair.

When I mentioned in an earlier post that the teenagers and young men of the Bosco Home are the gun-in-your-face type I wasn’t kidding. Father Larre has had a gun shoved in his face by one of these young darlings. It happened in the middle of the night. Father Larre got up and went to the kitchen. When he turned on the light a young man lunged at him and shove a gun in his face. The guy had been waiting in the dark for the housekeeper’s early morning arrival intending to kill her just because she reminded him of his mother. Father Larre talked him through it and no one was hurt. (Source)

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