Media Malpractice at March for Life



The mainstream media are such liars.  Just ignore them. 

Nobody cares what they say anymore, anyway.  And that’s what the ratings show too.  

When I organized the March for Marriage back in 2005, it was the same story.  Just like it is with every March for Life in Ottawa every year.

Next time you see pro-abort journalists, just give them a contemptuous smirk and tell them that they are becoming (and already are) irrelevant to the reality of what is happening around them.

When abortion does topple (and that is the trajectory of abortion, my friends), so will the fantasy which pro-abort journalists exist in.

Oh and by the way, the old and spent crowd is largely the pro-abort crowd.  This is obvious since that is the generation which spawned the culture of sterile, meaningless sex and abortion.  Today, the kids are generally pro-life and hip to the disaster and wrecked lives of the past generation.  It’s the old fogies that are generally pro-abort.

Old, angry, alone…and soon dead.

Gloria Steinem, the poster girl for feminism and abortion, after all, was born only marginally past the Great Stock Market Crash of 1929.

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