Media Drops the Ball Again on the March For Life

It seems the media that were actually present during the March for Life are starting to get the message: we don’t think too much of them.

For now, they can laugh it off, but as the circulations start to dwindle and/or they start to hire more reporters with journalistic integrity, all that will change. So for now, we have to bear the fact that they are in the back pockets of the abortion lobby in this country. Heck, they are the pro-abortion lobby in this country.

Still, they’re noticing that we are not happy. And the media, for all of their obvious leftist slant, still need credibility, even if they have to lower themselves to covering something they don’t want to. That’s the thing about the press: they need an audience.

Here is what MacLean’s magazine wrote:

Not surprisingly, the anticipated media coverage – or at least the anticipated lack thereof – was a running theme in the speeches delivered by politicians and professional pro-life activists alike. In his speech, Vellacott claimed the annual gathering is consistently among the largest crowds to hit the Hill but is still ignored by the press – a sentiment echoed by O’Brien. “Whatever the media might say,” he assured the crowd, “there’s never a rally to match this one.” (Source)

Here is a selection from the National Post:

“Mr. Vellacott said the issue has gained much greater attention in the United States and is being debated in Britain’s parliament, while in Canada debate has been muted and there is little interest among voters or politicians. Some at the rally blamed the media for ignoring the subject. “If it was a gay parade, you’d be out in force,” said one man.” (Source)


Do you seen any reporters in the front row? That about sums up the disgrace that we call the “national media” in this country. In fact, we should start referring to them not as media, but what they really are: professional shills for the Left.

If it was a gay parade at 10% of the size, the media would show up with tambourines and helicopters. Everybody knows that.

My goodness, if you had the numbers show up for any leftist cause (i.e. the Environment or Homosexual “Rights” or Abortion “Rights”) like the numbers who showed up yesterday , you would have the CBC there doing all-day coverage, and we would be hardpressed to deflect the glare of sunlight coming from Peter Mansbridge’s bald head.

You have to wonder whether the media wants to come to terms with their shameless double standard and motivations when covering social issues. It’s approaching comical and when that happens, you know the end is near for their relevance and credibility.

God hasten the day when the nation’s purported media start doing their jobs and stop acting like the front office for Henry Morgentaller.

One thought on “Media Drops the Ball Again on the March For Life

  1. I wrote a letter to the Citizen stating the same thing. There were a few hundred people on the Hill for Earth Day and it got a good-sized column but nothing in the Citizen about the thousands for March for Life. That is indeed pathetic.

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