Media abortion bias: the worst exaggeration ever

This has to be the worst instance of media exaggeration in favour of abortion ever.

Yesterday, the media reported quite widely about a motion to be debated in Parliament regarding when human life begins. The pro-choice politicians and media were stirred into a trance-like frenzy, as usual. So far, nothing to get excited about.

But then I read the National Post’s coverage. Remember how the National Post used to have a small-c conservative bent? That’s obviously long gone. Towards the end of the article, they have this little nugget;

On Wednesday, the pending debate drew a huge crowd of pro-choice supporters to Parliament Hill where a handful of anti-abortionists regularly picket.

Toting banners with slogans like “reproductive justice now” and “if you can’t trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child,” the pro-choice group vowed to fight back against what they see as an attack on reproductive rights. (Source, backup link in case of whitewash is here)

Wow! Sounds like quite the demonstration, eh? It was HUGE! How many people do you figure turned up? Surely it must be in the thousands, right? Sounds awesomely impressive, don’t it? What a display of mobilization and power by the pro-choicers! The streets must’a been clogged with protesters, wouldn’t you say? The National Post didn’t give any specific numbers, but the Globe does:

Over 50 activists rallied on Parliament Hill Wednesday, one day before Mr. Woodworth’s private member’s motion will be debated in the House of Commons. (Source)

50 people?!?!? Goodness gracious me! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Pandemonium on steroids! 50 people! Where did they fit them all! HUGE!!!!!

This is so disgracious it makes me want to spit all over my laptop. The lineup for my lunch at the local fast-food joint was longer than 50. This is outright  manipulation of public opinion. You can’t even call them a news-paper anymore, because they don’t give you the news, just propaganda.

Just to put things into perspective, let’s use a concrete example us Canucks are familiar with. When an NHL playoff series ends and all the players and coaches come onto the ice to shake hands, that’s roughly 50 people. The thousands of fans in the stands around them are roughly similar to the turnout at the March for Life. Which one is huger?

For the umpteenth time, we learn the same lesson: You can’t trust the media on ANYTHING related to faith or morals. ANYTHING.

Why don’t you drop a line to the Editor of the National Post and tell them to stop insulting your intelligence? It’ll take 30 seconds of your time. God willing, they’ll edit their story so the lie disappears. And remind ’em to come back to Parliament Hill on May 10th for the March for Life. We’ll show ’em the meaning of “huge”. 😉

By the way, the “handful” of people that regularly “picket” downtown, as they put it, are the prayer warriors that stand at the abortion mill every day. May God bless them.

5 thoughts on “Media abortion bias: the worst exaggeration ever

  1. 50 people showed up is “huge”

    How will they describe the March for Life when 15,000 show up?

    “several thousand” is the best you get.

    They will never use an accurate adjective of the largest, consistent mass rally in Canadian history.

  2. There are marchers on Friday at noon. They are genuine picketers, although they walk up and down bank street, they don’t just stay in front of Ground Zero.

  3. I saw that “HUGE” crowd of 50 people first hand yesterday.
    In Ottawa, pro-life masses draw from 150 to 200 people each month. The arrival of the Crossroads walkers last August drew a crowd twice as large. The 40 Days for Life kick-off rallies of the last three years has consistently drawn larger crowds than these “Radical Handmaids” as they call themselves.

    The handful of regulars on Bank St. and the Hill have been coming out on a daily or weekly basis for years, rain or shine, for hours on end. Each of these pro-lifers has individually logged many more hours than these fair-weather pro-abort activists have collectively.

    That’s why pro-lifers will prevail in the end.

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