Mechanic crushed by truck axle rescued by angels

…The angels’ robes were woven in such a way as to create a course, patterned material. “The robes were tight enough that I could see muscles bulging out of their shoulders, backs, and arms,” he notes. Their arms were positioned under the bumper, angled toward Bruce’s body….(Source)

Is this a way cool story or what?  One of those angels could have easily been like the one of St. Michael in Socon or Bust’s banner.  You know the story about Lucifer, don’t you?  He belonged to the highest of the choirs of angels. He was a Seraphim.  When he rebelled and was thrown out of heaven, God appointed St. Michael as the leader of the heavenly host.  St. Michael was a lowly Archangel, the second lowest choir of the conventional 9 choir angelic hierarchy.  We see God lifting up the lowly, even in the Angelic realm!

The Church, of course, teaches that each human being has a Guardian Angel.  Over the last 40 years, we’ve stopped invoking our guardian angels in our lives.  That was a big, big mistake.  They’re very important in helping us to get to heaven.  That’s their job!  We need to keep invoking them as they are beside us always, offering aid and consolation when we call on their assistance – even dramatic physical assistance like this guy’s testimony attests to.  I had my run-in with the other side of the coin many years ago.  Maybe I’ll share it some time.  Talk about soiling one’s pants.

Here is the prayer that our family prays at night time:

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day,
be at my side
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

It’s really freaky to know that an eight foot Angel is by your bedside, looking out for you.  It kind of signifies something….like…hey!…you’re important!  You matter.  That’s exactly why God appointed them to serve us.  It’s going to be some kind of bash in heaven, one day.  All the saints and the angels and your own guardian angel.  Just imagine the homecoming. There’s no going home from that party.  That’s why Christian hope crushes death.  It’s not the end. It’s just the beginning of eternal ecstasy.  I can’t wait!

But until then, we get it on because we don’t go along….

A bit cheesy, but not bad….

One thought on “Mechanic crushed by truck axle rescued by angels

  1. 1) Always receive H.Communion on tongue, not in hand. Go to Communion, and return, with folded hands. 2) Each parish-church should have outside, a great cross or saint’s-statue, for every Catholic to pray there at least once a year. At the statue of O.Lady, fasten a sign “Whether glad, sad or wary, pause a while, say a Hail Mary”

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