“Me Too” Just Doesn’t Cut It, Tim

The great conservative visionaries, unlike the ones who merely pretend to be conservatives, is that they don’t accept the boxes of what ‘conservative’ happens to be at the time they arrive on the scene.  Reagan and Thatcher come to mind here.  Instead of stepping into the box and being confined to it, they pick up the box and move it to where they want it to be, thereby moving — not only the political orientation they represent but — the whole political spectrum to the Right.

They are not content with where the Right in the current political spectrum is now.   They want to see it move. 

So they move it.

When the leadership campaign for the Ontario PCs started, there was little talk about gutting the Ontario Human Rights Industry and protecting Conscience Rights for medical practitioners.  The only person who put it front and center in the campaign was Randy Hillier.  He did so, of course, not because it was politically popular but because it was the right and moral thing to do.  He’s not the kind of guy that puts his finger in the air to feel which way the breeze is blowing, like most other establishment politicians. On the contrary, instead of blowing with the wind, he’d be pushing against it if he thought the cause was right, regardless of the consequences.

I have a great admiration for that kind of politics.

Now I am hearing that many of the new memberships being sold belong to Randy Hillier supporters.  Only today, a friend of mine and I recently signed up or influenced a dozen new members for Randy.  We remember what happened to Scott Brockie.  It’s payback time now for Barbara Hall and the rest of the human rights grievance industry.

And guess what?  The establishment politicians are starting to take notice of the new breeze blowing in the Party.   Tim Hudak, the front-runner in the leadership race, made a startling announcement today….  

Today, Tim announced his proposal to scrap the Human Rights Tribunal and instead move to a court-based system bound by rules of evidence as opposed to hurt feelings under the current tribunals.

“We must vigorously prosecute people for real acts of illegal discrimination,” said Tim. “This is not the case today, where we have a Commission and a Chair that use the Ontario Human Rights Code as a tool of political advocacy.” …continue reading the press release here

While Hudak is not proposing a complete scrapping of the Ontario Human Rights Racket, his proposal certainly removes the most abusive elements.  I think that’s a great step that Mr. Hudak is taking in his campaign.   But it is a step on the path that Randy Hillier has laid.  Remember what I said above about great leaders moving the spectrum instead of simply accepting the status quo?

Oh yes, one more small observation…

Why should we vote for Tim Hudak or for Frank Klees if they are merely following what Randy Hillier is proposing?   This is a leadership contest, friends.

The guy who does the leading should be the leader. Right? 

“Me too” just doesn’t cut it. 

If Mr. Hudak and Mr. Klees want to be taken seriously by social conservatives, they need to be proposing concrete policies to move the province to the Right.


List of Campaign Websites here

One thought on ““Me Too” Just Doesn’t Cut It, Tim

  1. It is the “same old, same old”. Do we vote for somebody who can win or somebody who we hope will win.

    Tim Hudak, I think, has more acceptability with Toronto than our
    great Eastern Ontario Candidate, Randy Hillier. I think the main point is that we do not want either of the other two to become leaders. We must be wise and think of the future which includes

    According to the information Real Women was asked to send
    out was that Klees only would support pro-life only if his caucus did.

    My reasoning.

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