McGuinty sending conflicting messages about school curriculum

We thought that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was postponing the implementation of the sex-ed portion of the new curriculum, but according to an article from the National Post entitled “McGuinty vows to implement most of controversial health curriculum” it seems that the Premier is sending conflicting signals about his intentions:

The problem is that McGuinty hasn’t been very forthcoming about what exactly is going to be implemented and what isn’t. We don’t want the sex-ed portion to be implemented through the backdoor, once the protests have let up. 

To all you parents out there: you need to get in touch with the government and keep pressuring them about the school curriculum. 

To all the Ontario bishops that pressured the government:  we thank you for your earlier actions and we implore your continued support on this matter.

And let’s not forget to keep praying.

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