McGuinty Presses Bishops, Bishops Cave

The Vox nails it.

If our bishops had any spine, they would call McGuinty’s bluff, yank the title “Catholic” from the separate school system, and scare the living crap out of the politicians and the parents.

Just how can the parents take Catholicism seriously if the bishops don’t?

I played my part concerning Catholic education and McGuinty.  But you can’t take back a whole system when the will of nominal Catholics is so limp, so you have to start from the beginning by throwing down the gauntlet and saying, as a bishop, “Who is with the Lord? Follow me.”  AND TO HELL WITH THE CONSEQUENCES.

(By the way, now that election time is not too far away, be sure to check Our Channel of Hope to see another softball interview, coming your way soon.  As an aside, I wonder how many of those people at the dinner knew what “40 Days for Life” was?  I notice that he didn’t say the “A” word.)

When the Son of Man comes again, will he find any faith left on this earth?   I always had a hard time understanding this question as a kid because it didn’t fit into my reality.

I don’t have a hard time understanding it anymore.

I thinks it’s time for Dalton to be shown the door, Your Grace.  If not now, then when?  When the Rainbow parade comes prancing down the aisle of the Cathedral?  We’re not too far away from that, if things go unchecked, I assure you.

2 thoughts on “McGuinty Presses Bishops, Bishops Cave

  1. I can’t fault what Michael Voris says, but his delivery bothers me a lot. There is an edge of rebellion and anger that underlies all his talks that is not in keeping with the message of holding up the Catholic faith. Unless he changes that and adopts some humility, he is going to follow Father Corapi down the same path of rebelliousness and eventually separation from the true flock.

  2. I believe that there is such a thing as rightous anger. Those who have been standing up for the teachings of the Church are weary as their pointed fingers are not being listened to even though accurate.

    Yes, you can catch more flies with sugar than you can with vinigar, however, the gentleness of the past has not worked. When will judgement day come? We do need to be ready for that and some need to be
    hit over the head to get their attention. Oh the weeping and nashing of teeth for some of our Church
    leaders in times to come.

    God bless those like Michael Voris who have the courage to tell the accurate story in which ever way will get attention before it is too late.

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