McGuinty: Catholic schools will use the word ‘gay’

So now that the schools are “McGuinty Schools” who use the word “gay”, what’s the point of calling them “Catholic”?

Under the Constitution, Catholics have a right to educate our children with our own tax dollars.

It’s time for the Bishops of this province, beginning with Archbishop Prendergast right here in Ottawa, to draw a line in the sand and tell McGuilty that:

#1 – He should stop calling himself Catholic for his obstinate support of abortion and gay “rights”.

#2 – Make it very clear to everyone that HE (the Archbishop) is the final arbiter of Catholic moral teaching and HE will determine what gets into Catholic schools and what does not.

And if the School Board, its lesbian teachers and homosexual principals don’t like it, they can lump it.

C’mon, your Grace, we all know you can talk a good line.  And we commend you for that.

However, now we need more than wordsWe need to see some action.  You can’t avoid a public confrontation with that moral heretic forever.

Best to confront McGuinty on your terms instead of his.

We’re right behind you, if you do.

3 thoughts on “McGuinty: Catholic schools will use the word ‘gay’

  1. The chickens have come home to roost. In that video clip, McGuinty again refers to himself being “Catholic” and yet supportive of gays in order to justify that Catholic schools have to accept his homosexualist agenda.

    You’re right, John. The avoidance of a confrontation can’t go on forever.

  2. Most people (including Catholics) have been by the media’s cultural spinmeisters to uncritically opt for the word “gay” or “homosexual” and “orientation” rather than “same-sex attraction.” “Gay”, “homosexual” and “orientation” connote a certain unchanging or permanent way of being that according to some psychiatrists should not be ascribed to persons with same sex attraction. A person experiencing a same sex attraction wasn’t necessarily made that way by God or born that way. Should we shortchange our children by locking them into these kinds of hard and fast definitions with no hope for growth and change? Not if we truly love them more than our ideologies. I would argue that using such terms are inclined to engender despair, rather than Christian hope, confusion rather than truth.

  3. Thank you John for yet again addressing this horrendous evil growing ever worse in our “Catholic” chools. WHERE is the Catholic Church to defend its children via the Bishops?

    This is so upsetting and the deliberate sin of the Church officials staing silent and doing NOTHING
    is irreprensible.

    This is why you and a very few like you and your blog are going to be desperatley missed.

    It is selfish perhaps on my part but I wish you would reconsider retiring soconorbust because of the
    Truth you glaringly shine on the dirt and lies and atrocities that the very people who are called to defend and lead first and foremost( in the order of the Magestarium and also the Catechism of the Catholic Church, ) are instead doing very little or nothing, acting as if all is well, and “ey lets have another conference”, and do what? while they are first called to lead and be examples of Christ , not darken the Light on the City on the hill.

    God is being mocked by His very own so called Church and that makes Him Weep and His Mother cries out as She has done before and they do not listen.

    “One by one, they ran away, with their made up minds leaving it all behind (that is their flock, and most importantly the children…the future generations), and the light began to fade on the City on the hill, and the Father still remains calling ‘Come Home!!!!’

    Frances Wilkinson

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