McGuinty Admits I Was Right…Kind Of

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty says it’s up to parents, not lawmakers, to stop students from arranging fights and then posting the bloody brawls on the Internet. (Source)

When I ran against McGuinty in 2003 (as the FCP candidate in Ottawa South), I told him at one of the All-Candidate’s debate that no social policy legislated by the government was going to fix society’s problems with crime.

I said to him and the people in the seats: “Unless you fix the family, all of your problems are going to be 10 times worse than they are today.”

There are two things to appreciate here:

1) That my prediction, sadly, is coming true (Exhibit A: Ottawa’s escalating violent crime; Exhibit B: The You Tube Fights which Dalton is complaining about)

2) Dalton is starting to understand that good parenting and family life are the best way of solving society’s problems and not government bandaid laws.

Let’s hope that his government starts to reflect the benefits of strong families in his policies. I guess if Dalton is starting to get it, that’s just another reason to keep John Tory out of power. We need a real conservative in his place. No point in delaying what we socons need. Vote for Dalton, if you have no Family Coalition Party candidate.

Here are my opening and closing remarks against Dalton at that All-Candidate’s debate back in 2003. Fasten your seatbelts. 🙂

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