McGuinty a ‘hypocrite’ for criticizing Hudak on abortion about-face: pro-life group

McGuinty’s views are a far cry from those of his father, a devout Catholic whose sterling reputation the future premier built his political career upon.

In December 1988, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Canada’s abortion law, Dalton McGuinty, Sr., who was the MPP for the riding of Ottawa South, which his son would later take over when his father died of a heart attack in 1990, issued a strong statement in which he insisted that “an abortion at any stage of pregnancy is a direct attack on the life of the unborn.”

“The baby the woman is carrying is a baby. And everybody knows it!” the late MPP wrote.  “The measure of a society’s morality … is reflected in its attitude towards the most vulnerable – the poor, the elderly, the infirm, retarded, insane – and the unborn.”

“The unborn must be fully protected from conception until birth, except where the life of the mother is threatened,” he added. “Anything less is unworthy of a society which considers itself to be civilized.”…(Source)

 Dalton didn’t like that I compared him to his father back in 2003

Like I always tell people: Mr. McGuinty won’t remember much about the campaign issues in 2003, and he won’t remember too much about that all-candidates debate, but he won’t forget what I told him about how his abortion views were so diametrically opposed to those of his father.


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