McCain is going to McLose

I just have to say this:  John McCain is not going to win the Republican nomination.

I know, it’s virtually impossible for Huckabee to win.  I am not even saying that Huckabee will win. All I am saying is that McCain is not going to be the Republican nominee.

Why do I think this?  If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me. 

I am sure I’ve had too many beers tonight, but I just had to say it. I’ve had this hunch since Romney pulled out.

I just want to hedge my bets that if McCain does lose, you will have heard it first right here.

One thought on “McCain is going to McLose

  1. You’re going to look like a bigger fool then Ass-Bishop of Canterbury!

    The only way that McCain’s not getting the nomination is if he has an “accident” soon.

    If McCain gets 1190 delegates, or if some of the RNC delegates or his own ones “double-cross” him, and then at a convention Hucakabee — or even more absurdly, Bishop Romney — gets the nomination, that would be Republican political suicide.

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