Matching Dollar for Dollar “Alms not Abortion” Lenten Campaign — GOAL ACHIEVED!

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LAST UPDATE: Apr.15, 12:45PM

Well, despite all odds, Socon or Bust reached it’s $2,000 goal.  Many thanks to all who contributed, especially Mary M. who kept coming back and donating on about 5 separate occasions!  This is particularly remarkable considering that many people emailed me saying they had already previously donated to LSN.

Thank you to all who have donated to our campaign.  The $1000 cheque to LSN, courtesy of our donors, will be in the mail Monday morning. Socon or Bust’s cheque for the other $1,000 cheque to Chalice will be mailed next week some time too.

Socon or Bust and its readers are very proud to serve the unborn and the poor, and bring back the real meaning of social justice to the Church.  Amen!


As many of you are aware by now, the phrase “social justice” has become a little bit of a lightning rod lately.   The phrase “social justice” sure sounds laudable and honourable, doesn’t it?  Kind of like “human rights”.  Who can be against “social justice” or “human rights” or “gender equity”?  These jingos sure sound egalitarian and noble,  but scratch the surface and it has a lot to do with economic Marxism, radical environmentalism, contraceptive sex, and abortion.

The sad truth is that genuine “social justice”  has been seriously undermined in the Catholic Church for decades now.  The official “social justice” organizations in the Catholic Church, which are run by well-paid Professional Catholics, have completely lost their bearings and ignore the inconvenient truth that they are enabling pro-abort radicals in the Global South and elsewhere, in order to advance their questionable social engineering and “gender mainstreaming” goals.  Much like their theological cousins in the “Spirit of Vatican II” crowd, they have abandoned the unchanging moral truths which under gird the Catholic faith.

Well, it’s time to take back “social justice” from the ideology that has hijacked it and made it a mockery of its former self.  It is possible, you know, to oppose abortion and stand with the poor and persecuted at the same time.  They both have, after all, the same goal which is to preserve the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.  Beginning, in the middle, and at the end.   Although Catholic teaching is clear, CanChurch still has not figured out that you can’t enable the killing at the ends in order to build up the middleFor a Catholic, it’s all or nothing at all – we stand for the whole spectrum of human life and we won’t broker deals or take shortcuts that appear to support one goal while undermining another.

To that end, we are asking Socon or Bust readers to participate in our little Lenten fundraiser here which we’ve called the  Matching Dollar for Dollar “Alms not Abortion” Lenten Campaign

On the “not Abortion” side, we ask readers to be generous to LifeSiteNews, the premier pro-life news service in the world.  They have come under attack from within the Church itself on every front — from Development & Peace to Fr. Gravel who is suing them to Fr. Tom Rosica who just can’t seem to restrain himself whenever he is talking about them.  If you’ve appreciated the modest work Socon or Bust has done over the last little while in defending life and family, be a good Taliban Catholic solider and hit the donate button below.  Donors’ identities will be kept strictly confidential, so for all of Socon or Bust’s priest-fans out there:  have no fear! 

On the “alms” side,  Socon or Bust will match every dollar that our readers contribute to LifeSiteNews and donate it to Chalice, a Catholic development and relief organization which does not enable pro-abortion  activities, unlike the current official development and aid agency of CanChurch.

We do have a limit to what we can donate, but we’re challenging our readers to go for broke!

Let’s roll!

4 thoughts on “Matching Dollar for Dollar “Alms not Abortion” Lenten Campaign — GOAL ACHIEVED!

  1. Regarding Fr. Rosica’s comments at

    As a daily reader of LifeSite News, I have found its news coverage to be fair to all parties and well-researched. It is in no way vitriolic or vindictive, although one must wonder about Fr. Rosica’s words. It’s a rather cheap shot that he suggests the website originates in a basement in the Ottawa Valley. As for not being Catholic, Fr. Rosica’s words smack of clericalism. Surely, Catholic lay journalists are nonetheless Catholic. I would suggest Fr. Rosica should use a little less salt and turn up the light to better expose the truth. Until then, he has disqualified himself from commenting knowledgeably on pro-life issues. I’ll stick with a credible yet courteous source: LifeSite News.

    Thank you, SoCon or Bust, for bringing this article to my attention.

    Robert Du Broy, BSc, MBA

  2. I just read this, and although there is some truth in it, for this Priest who himself is accountable for his actions
    and duplicity (which by the way God holds ALL accountable for), to be
    preaching or rather trying to affect
    and prejudice Priests and the laity about an excellent and very Catholic, Website, Lifesite News, is, in itself a sin.

    He should read up on the various forms of detraction, God calls us to
    look at within our own hearts. I get a very bad feeling reading his own innuendo which is untrue and biased because they print Truth, and printed Truth regarding some of His actions.

    As far as blogs writing Truth to the public, perhaps when Gods Shepherds do what they have been instructed to do, and follow what Our Blessed Mother Mary, herself has said to them , then we will no longer need to see the real Truth written for the people through websites, because they have not been receiving it where they are supposed to in the first place…
    in the Church under these men of authority who were only given it, to speak Truth, in the first place.

    Bottom line, THOSE in authority have the responsibility to be true to their flock, and because they have NOT, God has allowed consequences, and God Himself has said to iIs Shepherds what will happen when they don’t do what they are called and Commanded to do.

    Thank Heavens there are still some in authority who speak pure unadulterated Truth such as dear Father Corapi.

    Father Corapi is being unjustly maligned because certain people don’t like Truth from him as well.

    Finally God hates duplicity and will not be mocked. I, as a lay person
    and a Roman Catholic as well who hates lies in the Church,
    have every right to know Gods’Truth and we all know that what has been kept hidden, God is bringing into the Light, as He has said He would .

    Perhaps those in authority should take a serious examination of their own consciences this Lenten season and beg for Gods forgiveness, knowing it might take a long time to gain back peoples’ trust, from whom, they have not been honest with and own their own sin and repent of committing more of the same.

    Frances Wilkinson

  3. Regarding the article in the BC Catholic, I appreciate Fr. Tom’s reminder for integrity and honesty in our blogs.

    I was nonetheless surprised at his comment that the Salt & Light blog receives 70,000 hits per week, as my husband’s site receives about 80,000 hits per month. Considering Fr. Tom’s comments about our need to “judge and assess things carefully”, particularily around this sensitive area of blogging and integrity, I decided to do a little investigating…. provides information about websites. (the entire site, not just the blog) rates 817,074 in the world (meaning there are 817,073 sites more popular). ranks 520,943. This makes it 1.56 times more popular than Salt & Light. Knowing that receives about 82,000 hits/month (20,000 hits/week), a little calculation would mean that Salt & Light should only be receiving about 16,000 hits/week.

    In light of this, was there a typo in the notes that Fr. Tom read? or did the writer of the article make a typo? Did he mean 17,000, not 70,000? and was it for the entire site, not just the blog (which would be substantially less still…)

    After such an impassioned plea for integrity and honesty in our communicating, we thank Fr. Tom in advance for clarifying these statistics for us…

    Kind regards,
    Kirsten MacDonald

    PS. although we don’t have the page view stats for, we do know from that their rank is 37,799 in the world, which makes them 21 times more popular globally than Salt & Light TV’s entire site…..

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