Master Warrior Miraculously Receives Sight Just In Time To Setup Jadewarr Account On Stormfront

In his testimony, Dean Steacy had indicated that he left his job as a CHRC spy in 2004 on sick leave (for onset of his blindness, presumably). In the first audio clip below, he testifies to that at the 30-31 second mark. When questioned about his 2 accounts that he had registered on, “oldensrevenge” and “jadewarr”, he testifies that his assistant helped him set up the “oldensrevenge” account, but that he HIMSELF had setup the infamous “jadewarr” account because, as he says, he could see at the time (54-63 second mark).  Here is the clip.

The interesting thing about this little fact is that “jadewarr” was setup on Stormfront on February 2, 2005 , after, presumably, Steacy had returned from sick leave, as the evidence submitted to the Tribunal shows:


Description of Event

February 2, 2005

“Jadewarr” signs up account on Stormfront

Signs up account using e-mail address:

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 6 


Yet, according to this audio clip, Dean Steacy, the Commission’s Lead Warrior, says he went blind in 2004 (47-52 second mark).

To recap:

In the first audio clip (54-63 second mark), Steacy says that he, himself, setup the “jadewarr” account because, as he says, “he could see at the time”.  “Jadewarr” was setup on February 2, 2005.

In the second audio clip (47-52 second mark), Steacy says that he went blind in 2004.

So how could he be blind in 2004 and then miraculously recover his eye sight to personally setup the “jadewarr” account on on February 2, 2005?  What was the nature of his blindness? Was it permanent or merely intermittant?

Is he mixing up the identity of the person who actually setup “jadewarr”?  Or is there another explanation?

Maybe it was someone else?  Who could that be?  Could it be another CHRC operative?

Or, could it be a third party who does not even work at the Commission?

Inquiring minds want to know, Mr. Steacy.


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