Master Jade Warrior Takes The Stand

The following audio clip is the beginning of Dean Steacy’s testimony at the Commission.  He admits to a number of interesting things…at least when he can recall them. Here is a section of my short-hand notes of this exchange between Barbara Kulaszka (B), Lemire’s lawyer and Steacy (S).  

B. – Do Commission employees sign up as Jadewarr? | S. Yes
B. – Did you? | S. – Yes
B.- What email on Storm? Yahoo? | S. –
B. – How did you choose the name “Jade Warrior” | S. Character out of a novel
B. – Discussion Boards are generally open to the public, therefore do not have to sign up. Why did you sign up? | S.- These boards are not able to access all threads so need to sign up
B. What other benefits as a member of storm front | S.-I don’t recall
B. Did you PM? | S. -I  do not recall
B. – How many posts | S.- I do not recall
B. – 5? | S.- I don’t remember exact
B. – Who is Nelly Hechme? S.- I have no idea who that is
B. Could you look at R17 Tab 18 page 5. When did you join Stormfront? | S. – I don’t remember
B. Feb. 2005? | S. – Could be
B. Why did you join? | S.- because I was doing an investigation….


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