Maryland Man Gets Life Sentence, Girlfriend Shot After Abortion Refusal

A Maryland man was given a life sentence in prison after a court convicted him of attempting to have his pregnant girlfriend killed because she refused to have an abortion. Charles Brandon Martin, 33, arranged to have Jodi Torok killed when she told him he was pregnant. He has four children with Torok and two children with another woman…(Source)

How many dead, pregnant women does it take before the Feminazis stop playing the consumate fool for “women’s rights”.

One thought on “Maryland Man Gets Life Sentence, Girlfriend Shot After Abortion Refusal

  1. The Darwinian Humanists could care less. Our Western Culture is educated to love without meaning(Kinsey Sexology) and murder without guilt ( Abortion). As The father of Western Education and signatory of The Humanist Manifesto John Dewey stated in his book, ” A Common Faith”, about the religion of Humanism,”Here are all the elements for a religious faith that shall not be confined to sect, class, or race. Such a faith has always been implicitly the faith of mankind. It remains to make it explicit and militant.” Professor Dewey wrote this book in 1934, New Haven And London Yale University Press. Our Universities have been socially engineering their students this way for a very long time. They have been writing this world view in text books so long almost everyone believes this Humanist religion.

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