Martin’s Motion has “huge support”

I interviewed Keith Martin again today. He said support within the Liberal caucus for his motion is “huge.”Stephane Dion has not talked to him about it, or asked him to withdraw it. Only a couple of Liberal members raised concerns, but no one has asked him to remove the motion.

“There is enormous support within caucus and across party lines,” he said.

Stay tuned.

P.S. Check the Dion link, because the one time he is on the record talking about the Martin motion, he is not in favor.  (Source)

This is yet another example of how pathetic the MSM media is. You simply cannot trust them.  Did you catch that CBC documentary on Ezra?  How long did it take them to catch on to the biggest story of the year? A month?  Leaving aside the crap that they broadcast on our dime, this is a matter of efficiency in news reporting.  I don’t expect the CBC to be fair or even handed.  But their whole patronization of this issue in waiting so long is really what burns me.

Ezra Levant for CBC Commissioner.

Maybe after we are finished with the HRCs, we can all focus on that joke of a national broadcaster we are funding.  We need to take the chainsaw to it to.


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