Marriage’s indissolubility a dogma, cardinal clarifies

Cardinal Mueller explained, “one cannot declare a marriage to be extinct on the pretext that the love between the spouses is ‘dead’”, because “the indissolubility of marriage does not depend on human sentiments, whether permanent or transitory. This property of marriage is intended by God himself. The Lord is involved in marriage between man and woman, which is why the bond exists and has its origin in God. This is the difference.” Cardinal Mueller identify the mistakes in understanding the marriage in society – shared by such countenances as Cardinal Walter Kasper – as a result of the individualistic society, and launches the initiative of a new announcement of the word of God to overcome these mistakes. “In a world that is angrily individualistic and subjectivist, marriage is not perceived anymore as an opportunity for the human being to achieve his completeness, sharing love,” Cardinal Mueller lamented. (Source)

In a Church age where the mention of “heresy” and “dogma” are forbidden words, at least some bishops and cardinals are not afraid to tell it like it is.

I am not sure why Pope Francis has elevated Cardinal Kasper’s vision of marriage to such prominence. It’s disturbing to say the least, but the Holy Spirit will protect the Church’s teaching.  Let us pray that He also protects the pastoral application of it.

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