Mark Steyn Needs Our Prayers

he’s not doing so great.

 …from healthier times at the Canadian Human Rights Circus…

After putting away my camera, the CHRT functionary informed me that I was permitted to wait outside the hearing room in the lobby. So I walked down the corridor and entered the lobby outside the hearing room.  On the door was a reminder for the public “NO CAMERAS ALLOWED”. Yeah, I know, I thought to myself. I certainly got that message.  I had no sooner put my bag down then what did my wondering my eyes should appear but Mark Steyn himself!

I cordially introduced myself as the blogger for Socon or Bust and he was kind enough to show that he remembered the name. If he did or did not remember it, I don’t know, but Mark is too much of a gentleman and scholar to say he didn’t know my blog from a hill of beans.

We then proceeded to have a wonderful conversation about the whole Human Rights Racket for the next half hour. If you’ve never heard Mark Steyn in person, and you get an opportunity, I highly recommend you go and hear the man speak. He is just as entertaining in real life as he is in print. His humour and keen observations are so natural for him that it is easy to understand why he is such a successful columnist and author.  The man just oozes dry wit and soft sarcasm.  The fact that he will be the subject of one of these farcical human rights complaints makes Canada look worse than the banana republics that we like to castigate for their “human rights abuses”.  The only significant human rights abuse going on right now in this country is the existence of the Human Rights Commissions and their lackeys pimping for and encouraging the attack on the most basic human right which is the right to free speech. It’s a national disgrace that Mark Steyn was covering a CHRT hearing today for Maclean’s. In June, he is going to be the one covered

Oh yes, one more point. Mark said that his foray into Kangaroo Land might cost Maclean’s up to a million buckaroos.  For him, it will be a bargain at a cool $250K. Blimey at least it’s not in pounds! (Source)

(Inset picture: courtesy of Deborah Gyapong. Middle: Mark Steyn; to his immediate left, Connie Wilkins and Mark Fournier of Free Dominion then Dr. John Baglow from Dawg’s Blog on the far left; to his immediate right, CFRB/CJAD Radio Reporter Brian Lilley; and yours truly on the far right.  Notice my attire? It wasn’t a real court so I didn’t dress like it was.)

5 thoughts on “Mark Steyn Needs Our Prayers

  1. Welcome to Jackboot Land. If our citizens would start thinking for themselves and start to support Traditional Politicians into office to our Legislatures and Parliament where Bills are passed into law by majority vote, we would be in Jackboot Land no longer. Wake up! Get your minds out of the fog. Evil prospers when the so-called good people choose to do nothing but listen to Nicolaitans. By definition they therefor become Nicolaitans. In a democracy the citizens are responsible for holding the politicians they elect accountable, and thus the laws of the land.

  2. You bet we will. Prayers headed his way from our family.

    It wears down a soul trying to warn those who have not ears nor eyes. Yet.

    Rest a spell. Regroup. Be well again.

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