Marines delay physical requirements because most women can’t meet them

This is truly an example of political correctness gone mad. Rather than set the physical requirements for Marines in accordance with the operational requirements for a soldier on a battlefield, they seem more concerned with setting lower standards that allow more women to get in.

I admire women who want to serve their country. It’s a very noble and brave thing to do. But not all women are physically able to be good soldiers. In fact, not all men can do it either. The standards should be objective to eliminate those who aren’t physically (or mentally) qualified, regardless of gender. If that means fewer women than men, so be it. National security should not be compromised.

Tell me: if soldiers get killed in action because a female Marine wasn’t strong enough to do her job, what will they tell the parents of the deceased? Who will console them? Who will explain to them that a political decision caused the death of their child, but that it was all worthwhile for the glory of feminism?

Remember that at the end of the Roman Empire, their military forces were losing their edge. This may begin to happen with the US if they keep this up.

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