Margeaux’s Stand: Catholic Teen Defends Her Right to Attend Mass

My goodness. How the U.S. has fallen.  We can clearly see now what happens when our leaders fail to teach.

Tolerance? Understanding?

Catholic is the new Black.

Thanks, your Graces, you’ve done a swell job these past 40+ years in transmitting the Faith.   How’s that tolerance and social justice gig working for ya?  Hey, I gots an idea. How about working for some real social justice for….Catholics, instead of that crap we’re used to hearing about?!  Now there’s an idea!  How about that? Why don’t you work for us…for a change, instead of the latest pro-abort-pushing organization that yanks your chain after singing the “we’re-so-poor-and-disadvantaged-and-you’re-such-a-useful-idiot-so-please-give-us-money” tune?

Good luck in facing Jesus on the Day of Judgement. How many millions of souls have you lost that were entrusted to your care by your infatuation with being liked by everyone?

Now the rest of us have to suffer mightily because of your betrayal of Christ.

I wonder whether most bishops over the past 40+ years can really be saved.  Really I do.  They don’t seem to be very repentant about the hell they’ve lead us into.

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