One thought on “March for Marriage

  1. Our democratic voting citizens are causing the exploitation of Western Children by being politically apathetic and indifferent. We have to keep our Politicians accountable for The Bills they Pass into Law that everyone has to live by,including Kindergarteners. Every Political Party has Policy Conventions. If the majority is politically literate they can own the Parties Policies,regardless of what the rotten leaders say,because in a democracy the numbers of votes count. Fear of speaking righteousness is not an option for Christians,who are supposed to agree with Christ with their minds,if they are His. Legalized homosexual marriage has set precedents to legalize more morbid perversion ,as so-called human rights and social justices to schoolchildren.

    How quickly the people have forgotten what we accomplished between 2005-2008. In 2005 the majority of our elected officials MP’s voted not to raise the age of sex consent,that same December the majority of The Supreme Court Of Canada voted that consenting 14 year old’s were as adults. The Canadian Human Rights Act now made this a Human Right and Social Justice. If you want a Righteous Democracy you have to remain politically Vigilant ,not politically apathetic. Now Canada became a legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles as a human right. Why were the majority of our Bishops so difficult to reach during this crisis? We had to work hard over the popular medias sick excuses for allowing this to become law,and get the majority of Canadian citizens to pressure their MP’s to reverse these diabolical morbid laws.

    Parliament is the Highest Court in the land as it represents all Canadians,therefore enough pressure was put on MP’s by asking Canadians to look at the Government website at to see how their MP’s voted on this issue. Citizen Action Guides were printed as our citizens are no longer politically vigilant ,and blindly follow The Popular Media Moguls opinions. In 2008 The majority of our MP’s were forced by the public to pass a Bill into law to overturn rotten 2005 Parliamentary and Supreme Court of Canada law. The majority of our unelected Lawyers and Judges don’t like the democratic public overturning their decrees, and are working hard to put the democratically elected Parliament under their tyrannical control. If you remain politically apathetic and indifferent you may allow this to take place. Please choose political vigilance for the childrens sake.

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