March for Marriage Federal Political Campaign


After successfully being elected as a delegate to the Conservative Party’s National Convention in Montreal, John attempted to run for the nomination of the Conservative Party of Canada to represent the Electoral District of Ottawa West. Despite two appeals, the Conservative Party rejected John’s nomination papers and therefore he was prohibited from running for the nomination.

In December of 2005, with the support and encouragement of social conservatives in Ottawa and around the country, John was encouraged to run as an independent candidate to oppose the Conservative Party’s candidate in Ottawa West Nepean, John Baird, a pro-abortion and pro-gay “marriage” advocate. Despite limited resources and a hostile media, John did surprisingly well at the debates and at other public forums during the election. While he garnered only 905 votes on election night (Jan.23.06), despite being the only pro-family, pro-life, and pro-marriage candidate running in his electoral district, John was able to put morality and family issues back into the public spotlight as a legitimate political arena for discussion.

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