March for Life Through The Years

Discussion on Trudeau’s Views (CTV)
LifeSite Journalist Interviews Femen Activist (LifeSite)
VIDEO: Ottawa March for Life Re-Cap (Big Blue Wave)
Cardinal Lacroix’s Awesome Comeback to Journalist Who Asked Him About the Femen Incident  (Big Blue Wave)
You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (Video)
March for life – VIDEO – FULL VIDEO OF BOOBS FOR CHOICE OUTBURST  (Sun News) – Police expect Pro-Life Organizers to police their own events…which begs the question why we need them at all?
Trudeau’s Moral Exhibitionism (National Post)
Topless protesters attempt to disrupt pro-life rally, cry ‘f— your morals’ (SunNews)
Archbishop says Trudeau’s Decree is a slap in the face (Socon or Bust)
Tears and Breasts at the March for Life 2014 (Socon or Bust – Feature Story)
Pope Francis sends greetings to participants in National March for Life  (Catholic Register)
Justin Trudeau’s new, intolerant, pro-abortion party doesn’t welcome other views (National Post)
Trudeau hit from both sides on abortion stance (SunNews)
Femen members crash anti-abortion rally in Ottawa (Prince George Citizen)
Ottawa March for Life 2014 Photos (Big Blue Wave)
‘Today is a day of action’: Morning masses and prayer services spiritually prepare pro-life faithful (LifeSite)
Topless protesters disrupt anti-abortion rally on Parliament Hill (CTV)
Topless pro-choice protesters interrupt anti-abortion rally (CBC)
Topless protesters interrupt Archbishop of Quebec at March for Life as he reads Pope’s blessing (LifeSite)
Anti-abortion ralliers converge on the Hill for annual March for Life (CBC)
23,000 join National March for Life in Canadian capital (LifeSite)
Pope Francis sends greetings to March for Life participants (Socon)
Let’s paint the town, We’ll shut it down (Socon)
Human Rights Night (Socon)
RU Ready? (Campaign Life)
Trudeau Says Pro-Life Candidates Not Welcome In Liberal Party (Socon)

Parliament ‘Hill Cam’ does not lie, reveals larger numbers at 2013 March for Life
National March for Life 2013 – Highlights
25,000 Cram Parliament Hill For 16th Annual March for Life – Largest Ever
Annual March for Life Media Blackout in BC, too
Pope surprises, delights 40,000 Italian pro-lifers, joins March for Life
Liberal Media Terrified of Pro Life Momentum, Refuses to Cover March for Life
Will they show up at the March for Life?
March for Life 2013 – It’s All About Growing the Momentum
Socon or Bust Pics from the March for Life
Pro-Aborts Boo “O Canada” During March for Life
March for Life Vigil
MP tells Commons: March for Life 2013 will be an ‘amazing event’
Ottawa Jim Watson Endorses March for Life Again This Year
EWTN to provide its first ever live coverage of 2013 Canadian March for Life

19,500 Turn Out At March for Life
Pro-Abort Class, Breasts & All
March for Life  Doubled In Size from Last Year –  Police
March for Life “Massive”
Abortion Poll – Get On It Busters!
March for Life Media Roundup
In-depth report on the Canadian March for Life
Over 15,000 Emboldened Pro-Lifers Declare at the March for Life: “The Debate Is On”
Petition to the CBC to Report the Truth – Index Page
The numbers game: How many really attended the 2011 Canadian March for Life?
March for Life Media Roundup
March for Life 2011 Youth Video Contest Winner
The rise of a new hope
March For Life, 2010: The Year Abortion Politics Shifted in Canada
The End of the World is Near…
March for Life 2010 Official Footage
Mainstream Media Coverage of The March for Life…Getting Better
12,500 Gather on Parliament Hill for Canadian March for Life
March for Life 2010 Video
10,000-12,000 brave the rain and the wind at the March for Life
National March for Life: Exodus 2009 – A Future Without Abortion
March for Life: Exodus 2009
March for Life 2009 Videos
March for Life 2008 - 8,000 Attend
March for Life 2008 Video
Press keeps March for Life going and going
Marching at the March for Life
March for Life Music Videos
Silent No More Speeches
Media Drops the Ball Again on the March For Life
March for Life – Huge Success, Media Largely Absent

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