March for Life Music Videos

Well, I must say that I am jealous. Here I was thinking that I was going to put my video footage I captured from the March for Life into a funky music video, but two vloggers ended up scooping my idea and have beaten me to it!

I had suggested a couple of days ago that March participants bring their video cameras and upload any footage from the March on to YouTube. LifeSiteNews carried my suggestion. Not only did people respond, they took it one step further by mixing their footage with music. Very very powerful, folks.

Nothing like some friendly competition, I say. Well, I still might do my own music video, but I don’t want to be shown up by these excellent video productions. There is a song done by Christian recording artists Third Day that I want to use for a possible music video, but I am waiting for permission. If I don’t get it, I’ll just pass this time.

In the mean time, check out these great videos. We must recapture art and mythology to reclaim our culture. Let these be our first small steps to that end….

Lift your head, my brothers and sisters. Our Victory is at hand!

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