March for Life Doubled In Size from Last Year – Police

So, a couple of weeks ago Socon or Bust covered how the National Post reported how there was a “huge rally” of pro-aborts on Parliament Hill to protest the recent personhood motion that is being debated in Parliament.

What’s huge to Socon or Bust readers?  10,000?

How about 50?

Yes, 50 people means it’s a “huge” rally if and only if the politically correct cause of the day is being foisted on society.  Even the National Post was embarrassed by the report and yanked the absurd description of 50 people being “huge” – the number of people who can fit into my basement, rather comfortably I should add.  But, you see, folks, this is what passes as “news” today in Canada – a nation of the pathetically ideological and purveyors of subterfuge.

Well, it looks like the media is back at it.   In my report on the March, I made this observation:

19,500 people show on up Parliament Hill and it will be described as “thousands”. No accurate adjective will be used to describe the size of the rally. You can count on that. This is why the unaccountable media has become less and less relevant to Canadian society, and perhaps why the CBC got cut 10% during the last budget. Ideologically-driven and stale, Canadians are looking for other sources of information to learn about reality – because it’s not coming from the commissars at the CBC and its collaborators in the media. During the course of the March, I happened to chat with a TV camera man with whom I have some acquaintance. “So you’re covering the March this year”, I said. He replied: “I cover it every year. Whether it gets shown is another story.” Indeed. I think that says it all.

And sure enough, check this pathetic report out by the CBC:

Thousands of people marched on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Thursday to urge Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reopen the debate on abortion in Canada.

What did I tell you? “Thousands”.  Was I right or was I right?  The CBC are a bunch of cowards, and I really do hope that another 10% round of cuts is on the table next year. I’m no Harper fan, but he did the right thing on that score.

But wait!  There’s another report from the CBC….

The RCMP estimated there were 10,000 people at the protest. A spokesman for Campaign Life Coalition, which organizes the march, said they counted 19,500 people.

So there were 10,000 people?

While it was difficult to measure the size of the crowd on the Hill, police estimated that there were fewer people than the 15,000 that the Campaign Life Coalition claimed attended last year’s event.

Well, last year, the police reported there were 5,000 people!  So does that mean this year’s rally doubled in size?  Does that make any sense whatsoever?


Here is a comparison I did between the March for Life in 2011 and the March for Marriage in 2005:


Now compare that to this picture of this year’s rally:

I can tell you that this year’s rally was much larger. The picture above suggests that as well, since the people where much more “squeezed in”.  In the past, there was room to maneuver on the grounds, but this year it was much more difficult to get around.

The bottom line, here, of course is that the police estimate is way off the mark…again

But, hey, officially, by police estimates, the March for Life in 2012 doubled in size from last year.

That’s not too bad, either.

4 thoughts on “March for Life Doubled In Size from Last Year – Police

  1. You’d have to fire everyone at CBC and replace with honest people to get an accurate count on a March for Life rally. They are not about truth, as they should be according to their profession, they’re about influencing opinion. When Hitler had the press influencing opinion with lies, distortions, suppression and ideological double-talk, it was called Nazi PROPAGANDA. The same thing for Stalin and Pravda, was called Communist PROPAGANDA. So now it’s here. Events like this, where actual counts are 19,500 and the leftist press won’t report it, expose the gap between truth and the media’s liberal lies. I favour cutting CBC entirely off the public purse. Make them take out a mortgage to buy all CBC assets. Privatize them + get our money back in the process.

  2. I attended this year’s rally with 50 of our stuedents. It was
    by far the biggest and loudest of the last 5 years. There was little or no room left in front of the Parliament Buildings!!!

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