March for Life 2013 – It’s All About Growing the Momentum

Many years ago, I remarked that if you’re embroiled in a political fight today with Leftists on something you are trying to protect, you likely have already lost.  I understood this truth when we faced our opposition on the question of marriage.  The fact that the question of same-sex “marriage” was being raised and seriously considered was enough of a sign to prove that the boat had already left port.  What we were going through in the political fight was merely the details and the motions.  The fight was already lost.

The battles on contemporary moral questions that we see played out in front of us on a daily basis, for all intents and purposes, have been won and lost well before our time.  We lost on marriage because we consented to contraception. Acceptance of sterilized sex in principle is acceptance of sterilized sex in all practices.  It took 40 years to unwind marriage, but sterilized sex, of which sodomy is a species, has become legally recognized as a sexual expression.

That might be bad news in the case of marriage and the culture war surrounding that issue, but the principle goes both ways.  The Left can also start to lose their footing and foundation against the pro-life movement, to those who value human life in the abortion debate.  Right now, at this very moment, the Left is experiencing the same kind of attack that social conservatives experienced back in the 60s, but in reverse order.  In 10-20 years, when abortion is over-turned, everyone will look to see what’s playing out then, but little do they realize that they are only reaping the rewards or experiencing the defeat of what is being sown right now.

Right now, the momentum is shifting.  Right now, our numbers are growing.  Right now, their numbers are aging.  Right now, liberals are converting and changing their minds.  Right now, the mushy middle is becoming less mushy.  Right now, opinion polls are showing a decided shift to the pro-life ethic.  Right now, science is vindicating the pro-life side and making the pro-abort side look positively barbaric thanks to Kermit Gosnell.  Right now, people are being exposed to the truth of how abortion politics plays out in families. Right now, people are starting to realize the hypocrisy of the feminists who refuse to condemn gender abortions.  Right now, young pro-lifers are taking up positions of influence in government, media, law, politics.  Right now, pro-life politicians are throwing off totalitarian influences in government and demanding to speak for human life.  Right now, things are changing.

As I joined in the March today, I sensed a steely determination among so many people.  Resolute, calm, joyful, and hopeful that things will indeed change in our country on this question. In fact, it’s already starting to happen.  Most of the crowd are young people who have a genuine love for Jesus Christ and find abortion abhorrent.  The more they know now about its affects, the less likely they (if they ever find themselves in a difficult situation) will be to choose it.  The media and the politicians and the pro-abort establishment don’t see it happening, of course. They see some of the surface changes, but they don’t see the fundamental changes happening which will eventually transform how this country views abortion.  In their own self-righteousness and pride, our opponents do not expect any real change is coming. They judge by political winds, and by where the political climate is right now.  Little do they realize that history and the fate of a nation are directed by supernatural forces that they cannot begin to comprehend.   When the building collapses, people know that it’s more than its poor design.  Something made it shake and collapse.  That little earthquake had something to do with it.

Politics is a lot like Sports.  Once momentum shifts in a sports game, it can have a huge impact on the final results.  One team may be up by a sizeable margin – 3 or 4 goals in hockey, for instance – but an unexpected hit, a short-handed goal, something that rattles the other team –  and boom! – everyone can see that it’s only a matter of time before the comeback is complete.  Moral questions in politics are like that too.  Once you catch the momentum, it’s very hard to reverse course.  Right now, on the abortion issue, the momentum is on our side. We’ve got it all.  And there’s no stopping us, either.

We’re willing to take the hit. We’re willing to suffer for our beliefs.  We’re willing to go the whole nine yards…and never quit. Never. Never. Never.

We’re willing to recover what was lost and go after it with reckless abandon. 

Eye of the Tiger, baby, Eye of the Tiger.

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