Mandela pushed one of the most pro-abortion laws ever

In an academic research paper published by Rhodes University of South Africa, medical historian Dr. Rebecca Hodes of the University of Cape Town noted that prior to the sweeping abortion law of 1996:

There was never broad-based support for abortion within the ANC [Mandela’s ruling African National Congress].

According to Rhodes University, Hodes “points out that despite President Nelson Mandela’s explicitly-stated support for the Choice Bill, more than 80 MPs [Members of Parliament] voted against it in October 1996, with over 50 MPs absenting themselves from Parliament on the day as a show of resistance.” (Source)

The fact that this guy rammed through abortion and was not just a pantywaist, only makes the Catholic hierarchy – Pope and on down – guffawing over him even more astounding and saddening.

Have we all lost our collective minds? It’s shades of Jack Layon and the CCCB all over again.

One thought on “Mandela pushed one of the most pro-abortion laws ever

  1. I am tired of the group think. Where is our courage? Is it all merely politics at this point? Look at his history. Even the emancipation which we should all praise engendered terrible atrocities which our culture hides. Can we not be real anymore? This grand charade of justice speak is too often a sword wielded to justify egregious actions. Christians have one norm – and it ain’t politics. Look at what the man did. Look at it all. Look at it all. Even if you are the kind of person who thinks abortion is justice for women – even if you think that. Look at what he did and then enshrine him. What a world. Incredulous. Ends justify means. The holy saints of the secular world can reign terror into the lives of others and that secular world celebrates them. After all, it’s all about “justice”.

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