Man Wanted Baby Aborted, Crushed Her Head After Birth

A Pennsylvania man who wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion and wound up crushing his baby daughter’s skull shortly after her birth, is heading to prison for life without the possibility of parole…(Source)

A few seconds earlier, and this “reproductive rights” champ would have been given an award by Obama for upholding a woman’s “right to choose”.

But, you know, Harper does not want a debate because the status quo is working just swell.

One thought on “Man Wanted Baby Aborted, Crushed Her Head After Birth

  1. In Canada court precedents have been set by legalized Government and Court sanctioned abortion Prime Minister Of Canada ”Stephen Harper and his hand picked Cabinet”, that people who kill their born babies , and convicted by a jury are given suspended sentences for their crimes against humanity.Which one of your Cabinet members is going to be groomed to be your successor, and what precedents will he set?

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