2 thoughts on “Mama Activist.

  1. Evil thrives in the shadows – thank God for these courageous parents who are exposing this poison and sounding the alarm about the filth taught in our Catholic schools.

  2. In 2005 Parliament our highest court did not raise the age of sex consent, as requested by many Canadian parents. Just before Christmas that same year the majority of justices in The Supreme Court Of Canada ruled consenting 14 year old’s as consenting adults, as a Christmas present to sex trafficking predators and pedophiles. The Canadian Human Rights Act is used to make this legalized act a right. The apathy and indifference of the Canadian voting public, and those they elect to rule over them etc., made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles.

    Professor Tom Landers, and friends where furious at indifferent Canadians, and the majority of their so-called clergy, who always seem to side politically with those passing corrupt Bills into Canadian Law. After chapel Tom would be surrounded by caring mothers, and children with horror stories of how youth were being indoctrinated at school,and out of school,with the help of the authorities.

    After praying and giving me a note in which Rebecca Hagelin say’s,” Why would we engage in this political battle? Because we love our kids and our children are depending on us to protect them. It is the right thing to do, and because we can win.” Tom, and friends spent time, money and energy to politically unite Canadians to convince Parliament to pass another Bill into Canadian Law in 2008, which raised the age of sex consent ,and put an end to these legalized crimes, as so-called Canadian human rights. This is how righteous democracy ought to work. Some of us are still paying on the loans we took out to accomplish this. Since then elected politicians have passed many Bills that favor child corruptors.

    Who will protect Canadian Children, if their own parents, and so-called clergy remain politically A W O L in this Culture War raging all around us. What hinders them in our democracy? If they wait longer many more young lives will be ruined, and this is a diabolical crime against humanity. Who do you think these young people, many of whom went door to door from 2005-2008 to help us politically unite Canadians to convince MP’s to finally raise the age of sex consent in 2008, blame?

    The alarm has been sounding for decades, but too few hear it. It takes a lot of time and money to get apathetic, and indifferent democratic voters to do any good. The businesses who make multiplied billions from corrupting youth have lots of time, and money to entice voters their way. Canadian children are telling their parents what they are being subjected to in schools, by legalized so-called human rights and social justices. I pray without ceasing,and do what I still can. If our numbers keep growing things will get better.

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