Making Eye Contact at Life Chain 2010

Today was Life Chain.  Every October, Pro-lifers gather at select intersections across the province of Ontario and hold signs which call attention to the tragedy of abortion. 

To read previous reports of past Life Chain witnesses, click here: Encouragement at Life Chain 2009, Life Chain 2007, Faces Going By (Life Chain 2006).

There are so many blessings which come from publicly witnessing for the unborn.

1.  It witnesses to the truth of the dignity of all human life, especially the innocent unborn child.

2. It provides hope for pregnant women to reconsider a tragic choice which they will never be able to reverse.

3. It emboldens those supporters driving by and reminds them that they are not alone.

4. It pricks the consciences of those who have fooled themselves into believing that abortion is not murder.

5. It compels us to call on God’s grace for the supernatural virtue of courage to witness to the value of human life, and drop the marshmallow tendencies that make us soft in everyday life.

6. It reminds all pro-lifers that they are called to extraordinary sacrifice in standing for the truth of the Gospel of Life; that this life is passing; and that the only thing in the end that matters is witnessing to life and love.  Everything else (if it does not point to this truth) is, as St. Paul says, ‘dung’.

As I stood there with my sign, silently praying today with my rosary, I saw the same faces I saw back in 2006.  Nothing changes on that score.  I don’t think it ever will, to be honest. But I thought how strange indeed it was to have these little cocoons of metal and glass ‘held hostage’ for a moment to confront the inconvenient truth that abortion kills children. 

In the past, I would give a furtive glance at people as they passed by, but I made a concerted effort this time to look the drivers and their passengers straight in the eyes;  to make eye contact…to look with the eyes of compassion and justice…to gaze with the eyes of Christ

For many of them, they will rarely be confronted with the truth of what abortion is.  For many, such things are not discussed in polite company and they will rarely, if ever, be directly confronted on the issue.   Today, they are racing to some inconsequential place, spending an inconsequential afternoon, doing an inconsequential thing.  They would otherwise not even remember Sunday October 3.  Just another day which would otherwise pass from their memory and their life.  But for those drivers between 2-3pm on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at some intersections in Ontario, they won’t forget the signs, or the people behind them, or the eye contact that they made with them.

For the many eyes which met them today showed them mercy and compassion, begging them to repentance and a change of heart, and calling them to a generosity of spirit to let the babies live

And yet still, we know that, like Christ, we are to be rejected and despised by most of them.  For such is the way of the world and we represent a sign that will be spoken against, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. (Luke 2:34-35)

Dad & Daughters Doing our Duty.

Tonya reading the rules on the back of the sign, while little Sophia strikes a natural pose.


 The troops holding the line.

5 thoughts on “Making Eye Contact at Life Chain 2010

  1. Thanks for this posting!! Wonderful Lifechain 2010 Sunday..

    The national pro life canadian movement is growing!!!

    May the Lord give us all strength to continue

  2. It was an awesome day! I watched the occupants of the cars passing by, reading our signs. Most nodded or even smiled. On a few occassions there were angry protesting faces looking back. I prayed for these people because I believe if anyone thinks that killing a baby inside its mothers womb is ok, they must have experienced something terrible in their life.
    I believe that the memory of our presence will remain in each of the passerbys and some day there will be an end to abortion.

    Thanks to everyone

  3. Cold, wet and raining here in Windsor where 24 to 30 folks held those same signs. It’s usually the same crew where we are too. I’m spending the week sharing some of my thoughts via my drawings on my blog.

    We are looking forward to hearing Michael Voris at the local annual Right to Life dinner in just under two weeks. No doubt he will be as challenging as ever.

    To make eye contact and to see with the eyes of Christ – amen, that’s a very good thought.

  4. I missed being at Yonge and Steeles this year. I no longer live in Toronto but my heart and prayers were with the warriors throughout North America. God bless and thanks for your witness.

  5. beautiful warm sunny day here in Prince Rupert BC for our 1st Life Chain—

    I agree that making eye contact as much as possible is very important!

    Most people who drove by us stared straight ahead but there was also

    positive gestures and only 1 thumbs down. Only 15 people turned out for

    this event but maybe next year there will be more.

    God bless…………..

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