Mainstream Media La-La Land

I see that CNN was on the ball yet again…which explains why their ratings along with the other liberal stations can’t touch Fox News.

Turns out that this fool had no idea that there were 250,000-300,000 people at the National March for Life while the pro-aborts were lucky to get a few hundred out to their rally (and that’s being very very generous).


What a bunch of clowns. I suppose they think they are being clever by ignoring what their eyes see — as if by tapping their shoes and closing their eyes is going to make the reality of abortion’s future demise simply float away.

It’s a joke, but it’s actually a good thing for us.  Why? Because when your opponent does not acknowledge the reality of living in the real world, he can’t fight effectively in it or have any real prospects of success.  Let the blind lead the blind. Eventually, one of their steps will be over a cliff…and abortion will be no more.


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