Mainstream Catholic Media Throw Unborn Under The Bus

….to declare Mandela a saint!

Via Catholic Register.

It really is an astounding thing and shows in a crystal clear fashion how the vast majority of the institutional and professional Catholics in the Church simply do not put any sort of moral weight on abortion or those who advocated for it. 

Is it any wonder why we have not made any headway in society with abortion?  It’s because the Catholic Church, its leadership and its Press are the REAL PROBLEM.  They have to be evangelized first.  They have to be confronted first.  They have to be challenged first and asked quite simply just why the hell are they canonizing and blowing daffodils and roses up the ying yangs of pro-abortion politicians?

Do the bodies of unborn children mean so little to them that they cannot reflect for a moment on what they are doing?  Can they not see that their words of unqualified praise for a pro-abortion politician have cheapened human life and given scandal?

You see, folks, it’s all quite simple.  There is no hesitation for the the go-along gang to trample over the unborn in a rush to get to the parade of the next secular saint.  Whether it’s Jack Layton or Nelson Mandela, when the time is right and their partners in the secular press say “let’s all give praise and thanksgiving for a great man of human rights!”, everybody in officialdom grabs their violins and tambourines because it’s time for a parade, man! 

Everybody luuuuuuuuuuuuves a parade, even if that parade path is lined with the innocent corpses of unborn childrenBut don’t the balloons and floats look marvelous, darling?

6 thoughts on “Mainstream Catholic Media Throw Unborn Under The Bus

  1. No wonder the Church isn’t making converts. She looks too much like the rest of the world. Just another interest group eager to voice it’s opinion on immigration reform or Employment Insurance, and making sure to join the photo ops when famous people die.

  2. I was having this conversation on facebook.

    As long as those who advocate for abortion don’t get criticized for it, it trivializes abortion.

    I think people really hate to bring up abortion because it ruins the feel-good story.

    Because nothing is so uplifting as a feel-good story.

    When you ruin the narrative by bringing up an unpleasant topic like, oh, abortion, it can really upset people.

    It makes me think of situations of men who are paragons in their community, but have skeletons in their closet, like sex abuse. You can just picture it. He might have been a philanthropist or something like that, and he died, and everybody wants to remember the good he did, and not bring up the unpleasant story of how he f***ed his step-daughter, but was never arrested. I mean should a measly little thing like sex abuse tarnish all the good he did?

    Uh, yeah.

    But of course, abortion doesn’t even rate as sex abuse. So everybody shut up and don’t ruin the feel-good narrative. Everyone wants to feel good for remembering a hero.

  3. Precisely Suzanne. If they were to treat abortion like their pet “evil issue”, the jig would be up – hence the reason why I called the cheerleaders “double-minded and mentally ill”. Very appropriate in my opinion. And considering what abortion is, it needs to be said to everyone in the Church to remind them that they are to STOP GIVING FALSE WITNESS.

  4. Suffice it to say, that this does not mean that we should not pray for Mandela’s soul or acknowledge the good he did provided that ALL the truth comes out.

    But this cult of veneration the Church is playing with is a subtle idolatry, and it needs to be called on the carpet for the scam that it is.

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