Mainstream Media Coverage of The March for Life…Getting Better

Huge anti-abortion rally hails Canada’s new foreign-aid stand
Toronto Star (yes, that Toronto Star)
OTTAWA—Heartened and emboldened by Canada’s new anti-abortion stand on foreign aid, thousands of pro-life campaigners flooded in unprecedented numbers to Parliament Hill on Thursday, daring to hope that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government will take further steps against abortion at home as well as abroad….

National March for Life (Toronto Sun)

Anti-abortion march clogs downtown streets
Ottawa Sun
Twenty-seven years have passed and Kathereen Kessler still feels the emotional pain from her decision to abort her unborn child. She was 19 when she became pregnant. Now age 46 and a mom of two children, the British Columbia resident’s eyes brim with tears at the thought of the baby she decided not to keep.“Abortion hurts women and we need to fight to make abortion illegal,” Kessler said. Her sentiments were echoed by an estimated 15,000 anti-abortion demonstrators who gathered on Parliament Hill Thursday for the annual National March for Life…..

Abortion foes mass on Parliament Hill to cheer Harper’s G8 stance
Montreal Gazette – Meagan Fitzpatrick

An anti-abortion protester takes part in a demonstration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa May 13, 2010. OTTAWA — Thousands of activists who massed on Parliament Hill Thursday for an ………………………..

Thousands gather for anti-abortion rally on Parliament

OTTAWA — Thousands of activists rallied on Parliament Hill on Thursday calling for an end to abortion, with Tory MPs urging them to reopen the bitter debate on the issue. The throng included hundreds of students drawn from the capital’s Roman Catholic ……….

John Ivison: Anti-abortion forces enjoy their moment in the sun
National Post (blog)

The sun was shining on Canada’s pro-lifers yesterday, as thousands gathered on the lawns of Parliament Hill for the annual March for Life rally. For the first time in years, there is a sense that there is some momentum behind their cause. ……….

One thought on “Mainstream Media Coverage of The March for Life…Getting Better

  1. I can’t believe the annual March for Life (involving THOUSANDS of ordinary people) finally got some media coverage! I remember the annual media blackouts we usually receive. Contrast that with the annual degrading and sexually disturbing display of gay pride on the streets of Toronto – MASS Media coverage. At least the pro-life people display courage and dedication and are fully clothed! They don’t need to resort to titilating lewd displays to get their point across. Thank God.

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