Main Stream Media: A National Disgrace

LifeSite did a good job in reporting the coverage from the March for Life. They posted a good story covering the fraudulent coverage of the MSM and showcasing the YouTube videos of the event. Yours truly is even cited.

I’ve added their reporting to the MSM Shakedown Awards. $500 bucks to the top contestant exposing bias in the Canadian media. It’s my little way of giving the Italian salute to the MSM in this country (and I’m not even Italian!), and encouraging social conservatives to counter the leftist propaganda by getting involved in “journalism”.

Even the Western Standard has ripped off my idea. Not sure they got my email when I first let them know about my little venture, but who cares who does it? As long as it gets done.

Check it out.

Let’s put these dinosaurs in their places. Namely the credibility grave.

We start first with those anti-Catholic bigots at the CBC.


Little Media Secret #1:

Gloria Galloway, the prominent reporter for The Globe & Mail, is married to a Liberal communications director, Mark Dunn. (Source).

But, but, but, the media only gives us the news….

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