Mahony’s Fall

One incident which exemplifies the antagonism occurred in 2005 while Cardinal Mahony was holding an inauguration for a pro-abortion mayor in the Cathedral, young pro-life Catholics who were prayerfully protesting outside the Cathedral were removed and threatened with arrest by Cathedral security.

Lawler added: “It’s very long overdue. The big story is that one bishop made a public fraternal correction on another, which has not happened before. It’s amazing it hasn’t happened given the damage that’s been done. But at last it has and I think it’s awfully healthy.” (Source)

It is, at the same time, both encouraging and pathetic.  But you see, folks, in CanChurch and AmChurch, these sorts of things are not done typically because, you know, “unity, fraternity, and tranquility” are Aces and Queens compared to the Deuces of fidelity and truth.

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