Mad As Hell Tour Comes To Ottawa

From a reader…

Just returned from ‘Rise Up’ in Ottawa, attended by over 700 Catholic Youth from across Canada. Father Rosica was the key note speaker on New Year’s Eve. I fluctuated between tears and nausea as I listened to him lob cryptic pot shots at Orthodox Catholics and use this opportunity as a platform to elevate Development and Peace. This has to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed since coming into the Church. The worst part about it is that the nasty comments denouncing ‘doomsday prophets’ and criticizing ‘pro-life’ Catholics, completely flew over everyone’s heads and he got a STANDING OVATION!  🙁 Please excuse me while I RUN to the bathroom to have a conversation with the big white phone.

My goodness, what happened to all of the peace, unity, and fraternity talk that the Church is now embracing?  The organizers for the Mad As Hell Tour  didn’t get the memo, apparently.

Like Barry O’s regime in the secular world, everyone’s welcome these days in NuChurch except everyone who doesn’t fit the NuChurch mold.  If you work in the pro-life movement or insist on a little bit of moral and doctrinal coherency in the New-tered evangelization, you’re now a pharisaical zealot who needs to be muted or even booted to the curb.

It turns out that the Who am I to judge? lens only focuses on active homosexuals but not so much on Pro-life activists.  It’s open season on the latter.

Mercy, it appears, only applies to Citizen Sodom.  The latter dopes, unfortunately, have this REALLY BIG target on their chest to be excoriated by the new Kindness and Mercy Militia of the Catholic Church.  (Excuse me while I remove that rock, implanted in your head, you poor Pro-Life dufus!)

If you can stand to listen to the Militia long enough, you will hear the Pro-Life Movement being branded as the new pariah of the Catholic Church…you know the super meanie, “obsessed ones”, while the social justice crowd – even official dissenters – are now the “fair and balanced” darlings of the Catholic Church, the paragons of virtue.   Contributing to Vatican II gives one a pass to believe in virtually anything these days.

For all the talk of peace, mercy, and love, the new regime really does know how to mix it up and alienate just about anyone who isn’t a Pollyanna, a socialist,  a liberal, or  who can count to ten.

3 thoughts on “Mad As Hell Tour Comes To Ottawa

  1. Nicolaitans are despised by God,according to the harm they do. Very much is known about this large majority masquerading as Christian Priests and Laity now,even though they say,”little is known about this group.” Honest empirical research proves who they are. The Luke Warm have always made excuses for them, as Stephen Harper praises his foreign affair’s Minister John Baird’s worldview, and wishes The United Nations to adopt it. Read John’s speech to The U.N.
    squeaker,” I don’t know why CCO still partners with him.” Take a guess.

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