Maclean’s & Steyn: The next step

Over the course of the last several weeks, we have seen the freespeechers make short work of the kooky kangaroos, their kourts and the useful idiots on the Left.  We now have the moral authority and leverage to put the Commission on its heels.   

Looking ahead to the hearing against Maclean’s, I think the magazine should play hardball with the Commission and demand that the preliminary interview be completely transparent and open.    That means being open to public attendance. It also means being permitted to tape the kangaroo kourt in session for all to see.  Furthermore, I think, given the wide latitude granted Ezra Levant, Maclean’s should spread the dirt wide and deep on the CHRC in front of the rolling cameras.  Instead of them interrogating us, we should be turning the tables on them. It is not like there is not enough evidence.  …”Now let’s talk about Dean Stacey…”

The last time a human rights commission event was broadcast on YouTube, it provided a wonderful public service.

Personally, if I were Kenneth Whyte, Maclean’s publisher, I wouldn’t show up unless they conceded these points.   

Time to cause a situation that the politicians will be forced to deal with.  I think that is the only way they are going to shamed into doing anything. 

Since no Canadian paper would cover it and in light of the wide latitude for search and seizure the HRCs have in Canadian law if Whyte didn’t show, you would probably see an American daily running this kind of story on the front page:

Canadian Publisher’s Documents Seized By Human Rights Tribunal Secret Police,
His Whereabouts Unknown

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