2 thoughts on “Maclean’s asks: Why are schools brainwashing our children?

  1. In a democracy the citizens political will allow schools to brainwash innocent children into Secular morality. Clubs are formed and promoted by adult homosexualist politicians ,judges, lawyers, teachers and media moguls to recruit impressionable schoolchildren into now legal Secular practices. Canadian citizens get the political morality that the majority votes for. The United States fought a Civil War over legalized and legislated evil. The saying,” what is legal is moral”, has tried to justify all kinds of vile acts. In our democracy our citizens can politically unite to stop this disgrace.
    Concerned Canadian parents and citizens did politically unite to end rotten 2005 Legislation, and Supreme Court Of Canada Law in 2008, that had put Canadian children in harms way as a so-called human right. It is time to unite politically to end this irresponsible shameful indoctrination of Canadian children, by adults who should know better.

  2. Like all countries, we are just falling in line with the U.N. dictatorship who believe that you have to destroy traditional morality before you conquer a country.
    We need to run from the U.N. now.

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