One thought on “M-408 and the Conservative Party of Canada

  1. And…. to add yet another nail to Jesus on the Cross , I received this email today from Deacon Daniel Dauvin,

    March 24. 2013

    Dear friends,

    How would you like a bearded man calling himself a woman to walk into a woman bathroom while your wife, daughter or granddaughters are going to the bathroom.

    You will soon find out because our Canadian Government Representative have failed to stop the Bathroom Bill (Bill C-279) by six vote. We have been betrayed. The government has gone insane in Canada.

    This bill will allow anyone who claims to be transgender to go into women’s bathroom. Women your rights have disappeared if such a thing is allowed.. This is already happening and we can be thrown in jail or fined if we oppose. However it sneaked through by betrayers of our Canadian Constitution.Our Prime Minister has voted against it. Thank God.. Making laws that go against the law of God is committing suicide. Let all people of good will speak out. I believe this is a moral against the faith of the Canadian people..

    We can stop it at the Senate if we act now. Call your rep. and the Prime Minister. Tell your neighbour. Let people know what is going on. Educate yourself before it is too late. If you really love your children or grandchildren, you will do something about it.

    May God bless and give you the courage to stand up to this Evil.

    +Deacon Daniel Dauvin (One who loves you and your children.
    So yes the how true it is that Satan hates females the most
    when it comes to gender, after all it is Our Blessed Virgin, Mother and Queen in Heaven (alongside Jesus King in Heaven), that is given the most prominent place the very place that he in his utter self-contentedness and arrogance believed was meant for him. Ummmm…come to think of it, it also, sounds like a certain “official” south of us who compares his “work” with the Pope’s?)
    Sorry off topic , but not really, because our appointed, need I say, and… painfully , elected officials are now copying his behavior, and Canada can be “proud” to call itself 1st in going against what true democracy is considered on almost all levels.
    These same government officials can give themselves another notch in their belt , in the race as to who can become the more totalitarian and even fascist in their “policies”, and systematic plans to collaborate with Satan in destroying all that is true, good, virtuous, honest and right for the people who they were”chosen” to represent and protect.

    You will know them by their fruit.
    Do Not vote for these people or you will answer to God for having compromised for any reason what He commands of us and for not obeying HIm by not protecting what God says is important about all manners of Life, and dignity and the protection of family first , that being of one man and one woman in true marriage which is intended to bring forth new life WITHOUT any artificial contraception. If you are not willing to support Truth, in all ways than GET OUT of the Catholic Church and stop trying to bring Her down, and that goes for the fact certain people do vote for these harlots, and self-serving evil doers who care nothing about the safety of children in the womb and out.

    Lord Have Mercy
    Mary weeps and cries oceans of tears stained red by the blood we have caused by continually,scourging, crowning with hatred, scorn, ridicule, and mockery, and finally crucifying Jesus in how we treat God’s and Her Children
    and people smile. God says ,someday , those who are indifferent, lukewarm and who choose death of all that is Truth and Life and from God, WILL NOT, and it will not be good for them count on it, if they do not repent and turn around from these atrocious evils.

    Those are not my words but His and He uses the word Woe!

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