I don’t buy a lot of music. But a couple of years ago, I purchased the album by Skillet called “Awake“.  It’s not a particularly “deep”, spiritual album, but it’s simple and direct with a lot of edge.

I never thought that the song, “Lucy”, was about abortion. I just thought it was about someone losing another person to some tragedy…which of course abortion is as well.

Listen to the song and read the lyrics.  It’s a true story about a young couple who found themselves with child. They opted for abortion because of fear.  They thought abortion was the answer to their problem but it wasn’t.  They became very depressed and disturbed. They sought help.  The Counsellor told them to stop treating the death of their baby like some kind of “procedure” and to treat it like someone died…which of course is the truth. They went through the grieving process, and even had a funeral and grave with tombstone.  This couple had some closure.  For most women and men trapped in the Abortion hell, there is no closure for them. They’re trapped in depression, suicidal thoughts, addictions, unforgiveness, and self-loathing.

But there is healing and there is forgiveness.  Jesus can give it.  Just ask.

2 thoughts on “Lucy

  1. Legalized abortion is so very wrong.

    It is only a matter of time before the truth of that gets out and society jettisons it – it will one day be on the scrapheap of history, as is the Jewish Holocaust and legal slavery.

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