Low birth rates threatening our society

OTTAWA – Throughout the developed world, lowered birth rates and family breakdown will have a devastating effect on the global economy and the welfare state’s viability, says an international study released Oct 3.

“On current trends, we face a world of rapidly aging and declining populations, of few children — many of them without the benefit of siblings and a stable, two-parent home — of lonely seniors living on meagre public support, of cultural and economic stagnation,” says the study, entitled “The Empty Cradle: How Contemporary Trends Undermine the Global Economy.”



I have always said (in fact, I said it today to a business colleague) that the greatest epidemic approaching our society is loneliness.  Such terrible, cold loneliness which the culture of death has produced.

No strong relationship with their kids or no kids or no grandchildren  —>  Lonely, old people.


That’s why I keep running in these elections:  the culture of life and the civilization of love are the only way to go on so many levels, but people refuse to listen because they prefer stimulation to responsibility.

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